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Over 80 Star Trek Fan Films video files have been gathered from dozens of web sites and Youtube in various video formats. All files were converted for maximum compatibility to use H.264 video codec and MP3 audio codec inside MKV container files. MKV may not be as familiar as proprietary MP4 (Apple) but it is more consistent and playable on both modern hardware and software media players. The MKV internal profile was chosen by Google for its best-of-kind "smallest file size at highest quality" WEBM video format used as the native format of Youtube and playable with VLC, DicePlayer, etc.
Bittorrent peer-to-peer downloading is cooperative downloading. Unlike server-hosted downloading, which may crash if too many people try to download the same files at the same time, with bidirectional bittorrent downloading, more people downloading (swarming) actually means faster downloads.

However, a big disadvantage with bittorrent is that when a file is new, there is only one "seeder" and so downloading for everyone is slow, especially for big files. Until several people have downloaded a major portion of a bittorrent download and can then act as new "seeders", bittorent downloads will be slower than server-hosted downloads. OTOH, once there are several "seeders", the reverse is true and bittorrent starts to shine in both speed and reliability of transfers.

For this 21GB Star Trek Fan Film collection, we try to create a shortcut to more quickly ensure that there are many bittorrent full or partial seeders available. By having several people download several of these large files directly from the Google Drive Cloud and then making them available to others using bittorrent software, we can provide fast bittorrent downloads to more people faster. So, more people across the world can then enjoy these Star Trek Fan Films.

Notice: All files are of copyrighted not-for-profit Star Trek inspired Fan Films. CBS owns the rights to the original Star Trek and has been very liberal with these fan film derivatives. None of these files may be sold individually or as a collection under penalty of law.
By downloading these files, you agree to help other Star Trek fans by background seeding the files using your bittorrent software (μTorrent, etc.) for a few hours each day for one week or longer.
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