USB PERSISTENCE FILES allow you to save any changes that you make to your network login/password, desktop arrangement, software, etc. after you logout from a USB "live session". We recommend making your own backup "snapshot" safe copies of your USB persistence files. As a last resort, you can also replace a crashed persistence file by running the appropriate save-[filename].exe from your multiboot setup files.

Ubuntu-based distros Xubuntu, Peppermint, Linux Lite and Elementary use standard casper-rw files placed in the distro's respective USB home directories, e.g., /multiboot/distro-name/. These files are typically in Linux EXT2 format. Our chosen default 1152MB USB persistence file size is more than enough for basic "live session" use. It is not enough for making major software updates, system upgrades or major additions. If you try, you will likely run out of persistent storage space and your USB "live session" distro will crash.

If this happens, you can (1) replace your crashed casper-rw file with one from your own backups or (2) run create-ubuntu-save-file.exe to make a new and larger casper-rw file to replace your old crashed casper-rw file. Note that method two loses both Lite Speed tweaks and personal changes. When running in USB "live session" mode, it is strongly recommended that you avoid downloading large files to your home directory. Instead, when possible, download to your USB drive's main directory (sometimes labeled as CDROM MULTIBOOT). If this is not possible, download to an SD-card, a second USB flash drive or a disk partition on your PC's hard drive.

Puppy Linux distros Simplicity and LxPupTahr were given smaller 768MB SAVE files. These Puppy Linux distros are designed for USB and work differently. New software "pets" (.sfs files) are normally added as new self-contained files, independent of distro SAVE files. Software added as .txz or .tgz files is also self-contained. However, installing additional non-pet software (.deb method) will not be self-contained and could cause your "live session" to crash. In the event of a crash, just as with Ubuntu distros, replace a crashed SAVE file (lxtahrsave-simplicity154.4fs or lxtahrsave.4fs) with one of your own backups or run save-[filename].exe from your multiboot setup files.

DebianDog Jessie is more Debian Linux than Puppy Linux. Unlike other Puppy distros, DebianDog does not use self-contained software "pets" (*.sfs and *.tgz files). So, adding major software in a USB "live session" is a bit more likely to crash its USB persistence file. The file location of DebianDog's 1GB (internally expandable) USB persistence file is /multiboot/DebianDog-Jessie/live/debsave.dat  If your "live session" system crashes, you can replace debsave.dat with one from your backup files or run save-debiandog.exe from your multiboot setup files.

Android X86 uses a 1GB data.img USB persistence file. If your "live session" system crashes, you can replace data.img with one from your backup files or run save-android.exe from your multiboot setup files or run create-ubuntu-save-file.exe to create, resize and rename casper-rw to /multiboot/Android-X86-4.4.4/data.img

SliTaz is tiny but surpisingly well featured (except no default wifi drivers). We use SliTaz for viewing Lite Speed's offline distro documentation using its home=usb parameter. SliTaz does not use a persistent "file". Instead, it creates two files, .provd.124 and .provn.124 plus a user (/tux) directory in the main (root) directory of your USB flash drive. In the event of a serious crash, you can replace those files and /tux directory with the backup ones.


The TinyCore distro included with Lite Speed 32 is mostly for non-GUI command-line Linux utility and rescue use with no USB persistence file. Debian-based rescue utility distro Rescatux also has no USB persistence.


[ SliTaz ]           15 KB /tux + /.provd.124 + /.provn.124
Android-X86-4.4: 1024000 KB data.img
DebianDog-Jessie: 1024000 KB live/debsave.dat
Elementary-Freya: 1536000 KB casper-rw
Linux-Lite-2.4: 1179648 KB casper-rw
LxPupTahr:   786432 KB lxtahrsave.4fs
Peppermint-6: 1179648 KB casper-rw
Simplicity-154:   786432 KB lxtahrsave-simplicity154.4fs
Xubuntu-15.04: 1179648 KB casper-rw